A Dermatologist’s Advice on TikTok Skincare Trends

TikTok has served as a breeding ground for many new skincare trends, encouraging users to experiment with new methods for maintaining clear, glowing skin. Although many of these trends hold promise, not all of them are safe, effective, or environmentally friendly. Here’s what to know about these TikTok trends from Dr. Liz Damstetter, our dermatologist here at Reserve Dermatology & Aesthetics.

Slugging: Approved 

Designed to restore and retain moisture, “slugging” involves applying petroleum jelly products such as Vaseline to the face overnight. Originating in Korea, the trend is popular among those with dehydrated skin. Dermatologists say this trend can provide extra hydration to dry or irritated skin. However, it is not recommended for acne-prone or oily skin.

Pore Vacuums: Not Effective 

Pore vacuums are purported to remove oil and dirt from the skin for more thorough cleansing and extraction. However, dermatologists do not recommend using these devices because they do not prevent acne and the force applied can cause skin damage, particularly in those who use topical retinoids.

Hydrocolloid Bandages: Not Ideal for Skincare

Hydrocolloid bandages and patches reduce bacterial contamination and promote wound healing by forming a protective barrier around pimples. Dermatologists assert that while these patches can deter individuals from picking at their acne, they do not control or treat acne as effectively as prescription medications.

Skin Cycling: Approved

Skin cycling is a four-night skincare regimen consisting of a chemical exfoliant one night, a retinoid the next, and two days of recovery between cycles. Most dermatologists endorse the skin cycling regimen, stating that it is ideal for sensitive skin that cannot tolerate retinol or exfoliating agents daily.

Face Taping: Not Effective or Eco-Friendly

Taping the face involves applying tape to potential wrinkle-prone areas without stretching the skin. Although the trend may encourage the use of existing products, the use of non-biodegradable products will produce plastic waste. Dermatologists assert that face-taping is ineffective and can irritate the skin due to the adhesive. A better treatment for wrinkles is an anti-aging skincare regimen developed by a dermatologist.

Calamine Lotion: Not Effective for Acne Treatment

Existing acne cannot be treated with calamine lotion. They will save you money if you already have them, but it’s recommended to try other acne treatments first. One of the treatments dermatologists recommend is benzoyl peroxide, which reduces the amount of acne-causing bacteria and inflammation around a pimple.

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