Acne & Rosacea


Acne is an incredibly common skin condition that most often affects teenagers but can occur in adults as well. Acne develops if excess oil and dead skin cells block the pores, resulting in bacterial growth that causes bumps, redness, or swelling. This condition can be associated with hormonal changes or imbalance, side effects from medication, stress, or other factors such as “maskne”. Board-certified dermatologists like Dr. Damstetter can help patients understand the underlying cause of their acne and determine an effective treatment option to achieve clear and healthy skin. If left untreated, some acne will eventually resolve on its own, however, the majority of patients will face chronic post-acne scarring or frustrating, persistent breakouts.


Folliculitis is the inflammation of hair follicles that can cause small red bumps or pustules. This condition can occur anywhere on the body and is the result of a bacterial or fungal infection. Commonly affected areas include the scalp, face, back, and buttocks/thighs. Folliculitis is commonly mistaken for acne, and in fact, is often more common among those who struggle with acne. It can be caused or worsened by shaving or using certain topical creams.


Rosacea commonly causes a flushed or red appearance on the skin, particularly in the central part of the face. Often, patients will also see small acne-like bumps or skin texture changes as a result of the condition. Skin is sensitive or easily irritated and prone to persistent redness. Rosacea is most common among middle-aged women but can affect all genders and skin tones. Those with rosacea will commonly see the condition flare due to triggers including alcohol, spicy foods, cold weather, masking (“maskne”), and more. Laser treatments for rosacea are highly effective for reducing background redness. Many medical treatment options are available. Dr. Damstetter will recommend a specific skincare regimen for sensitive and redness-prone skin.

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