Pediatric Dermatology

Patients of all ages can face complications in their skin health. In fact, pediatric patients are, in some cases, more susceptible to certain conditions such as milia, eczema, or acne. Thankfully, board-certified dermatologists like Dr. Liz Damstetter are trained to treat patients of all ages. Parents in Glenview, IL, and the surrounding area can put their trust in Dr. Damstetter and Reserve Dermatology for pediatric dermatology services.

What is Pediatric Dermatology?

Pediatric dermatology is the treatment of any skin, hair, or nail condition for children. Board-certified dermatologists like Dr. Liz Damstetter are broadly trained to address these issues in both children and adults. Certain conditions may be more common in children than adults for a variety of reasons, so young patients often require dermatologic care. Pediatric dermatologists are very sub-specialized and highly trained, so occasionally your child will be referred to a fellowship-trained pediatric dermatologist for more specialized care.


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“Wonderful experience here! The doctor took the time to educate me on a variety of cosmetic options and gave her candid opinion resulting in just the right amount of cosmetic adjustments! Her staff was delightful and attentive! I would highly recommend for general derm needs and cosmetic adjustments.”

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Common Pediatric Dermatology Conditions

A majority of dermatology conditions that affect adults can also affect children. However, due to factors including exposure to certain viruses or hormonal changes in adolescence, there are a few conditions that more frequently impact children. As an example, infants are more likely to experience eczema, children are more likely to have warts, and teenagers are more likely to deal with acne.

Some common pediatric dermatology conditions include:

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When Should Children See a Dermatologist?

In most cases, children are referred to a dermatologist by their pediatrician to treat various skin conditions. As a parent, you may choose to see a dermatologist first, especially if a condition is itchy or painful. This is often the case with rashes, skin infections, or other types of irritation. It is also helpful to see a dermatologist if your child has an infectious skin condition, such as warts or a fungal infection like ringworm. Treating these conditions quickly helps stop the spread to classmates, friends, or family members.

Some conditions, like acne, can resolve on their own or by using over-the-counter treatments. However, if a condition persists for some time, it is beneficial to see a pediatric dermatologist. They can make an accurate diagnosis and determine the most effective treatment option for your child.

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