At Reserve Dermatology and Aesthetics, we recognize the constant evolution in skin tightening procedures can make finding the right cosmetic procedure difficult. Fortunately, we offer ellacor—the first and only FDA-cleared procedure to non-surgically remove excess skin. This new technique offers significant skin tightening capabilities in the mid to lower face.

What is ellacor

ellacor utilizes micro-coring technology to treat wrinkles and laxity of varying severity. Thanks to its gentle ability to reduce skin laxity and severe wrinkles without damaging the skin, ellacor is the first technology of its kind to receive FDA clearance. Its nonsurgical tightening mechanics have proven effective in addressing specific areas in the lower and mid-face.

Who is a Candidate for ellacor?

Ideal candidates for the innovative ellacor technology are those seeking minimally invasive treatments to address wrinkles and excess skin along the mid to lower face—this is especially true for individuals desiring significant skin tightening effects who are willing to undergo a series of sessions, depending on their skin’s condition. However, ellacor should not be used on patients with a darker skin tone, a medical condition that inhibits healing, or patients who are currently pregnant.

What Does ellacor Help With?

Primarily, ellacor helps diminish sagging skin, laxity, and elasticity by tightening and firming the mid and lower facial regions or other approved areas of concern. By offering significant skin enhancement, ellacor encourages a smoother, youthful appearance. ellacor focuses its efforts on skin laxity, reversing apparent laxity in a minimally invasive and gentle approach.

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The ellacor Procedure

The ellacor procedure involves the use of hollow needles gently puncturing the skin. Before the treatment, a local numbing agent ensures patient comfort. These needles then extract micro-cores of skin to diminish wrinkles in the treatment region. The device uses controlled movements to reduce imperfections across the treatment area. This procedure typically lasts up to 60 minutes.

Recovery and Results from ellacor

After ellacor, patients might experience temporary redness, crusting, swelling, and bruising that could persist for five to seven days. Recovery times can vary, and a mild pinkness may be apparent for a few weeks post-treatment. Reserve Dermatology and Aesthetics will provide comprehensive aftercare instructions to assist with recovery— it is important to note that to avoid compromising results, patients should avoid sun exposure until their treatment area has fully healed.

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Patients in the Chicagoland area keen on exploring the latest technology can schedule an ellacor consultation with Reserve Dermatology and Aesthetics. Our dedicated is eager to help each and every patient achieve their aesthetic goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions of ellacor are needed?

We often recommend a series of three treatments scheduled 30 days apart. However, each patient’s treatment plan is different depending on the quality of their skin and the degree of skin aging.

How long do ellacor results last?

The duration of ellacor results varies depending on each patient’s age and skin health but many patients see results that last up to five years.

How painful is ellacor?

Patients find the ellacor treatment to be painless or minimally painful. At the start of treatment, a topical numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area. Local anesthetic can also be administered after the numbing cream is applied for additional comfort.

Is ellacor better than Microneedling?

Microneedling and ellacor are both exceptional skin rejuvenation treatments with many benefits. ellacor can treat deeper wrinkles than microneedling and is designed for skin tightening, while Microneedling can improve rough skin texture and irregular skin tone.

How much skin does ellacor remove?

ellacor removes micro-cores of skin with a hollow needle that has a 0.5mm diameter. In total, ellacor can remove up to 8% of skin from the face without any scarring.

How do I prepare for ellacor?

Patients should not receive other invasive procedures in the weeks leading up to their ellacor treatment. Blood-thinning medication and sun exposure should also be avoided to minimize the risk of swelling, bleeding, and skin irritation. At your consultation, Dr. Damsetter will provide you with a list of guidelines about how to best prepare for your procedure.

Can ellacor be done on the neck?

Yes! ellacor can safely and effectively remove wrinkles on the neck to create a smooth and even balance between the lower face and neck.

Is ellacor good for jowls?

ellacor is one of the most effective non-surgical treatments for jowls (loose, sagging skin along the jawline). By triggering the body’s natural healing response and production of collagen, ellacor lifts and tightens mild to moderate sagging skin.

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