Hair Loss


Alopecia is a medical term for hair loss. This can be caused by an autoimmune disorder, known as alopecia areata. In some cases, alopecia is also used to refer to hair loss caused by other factors such as damaging hairstyles, stress, or poor nutrition. Alopecia can cause patches of hair loss or complete hair loss from the scalp as well as body hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Dermatologists can help alopecia patients restore their hair loss through treatments like topical medications or other options.

Hair Thinning

Hair thinning has many causes, ranging from male or female pattern thinning, stress, illness, to abnormal hair growth cycles. Depending on the cause of your hair thinning, this can be reversed or reduced with a number of treatment options. During your appointment at Reserve Dermatology, the cause of your hair thinning can be determined as well as a suitable treatment option to quickly restore fuller hair.

Hair Breakage

Damaging products, heat styling, tight hairstyles, and overall poor hair care can cause breakage. This results in a frizzy, unhealthy, and messy appearance. A knowledgeable dermatologist can help you identify reasons why your hair is breaking and recommend treatment options as well as at-home habits that can help restore healthy, strong hair. In addition, they can screen for other medical concerns that may be leading to unhealthy hair, damage, and breakage to ensure your best possible health.

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Whatever the cause of your hair loss, seeing a dermatologist is important to help diagnose the issue, improve the health of your scalp, and maintain your best possible hair health. Board-certified dermatologists like Dr. Liz Damstetter are trained to attend to conditions that affect the hair as well as the skin and nails. To schedule your appointment at Reserve Dermatology, call our Glenview office or contact us online.