Acne Scars

Acne scars can appear as atrophic or depressed scars, hypertrophic or raised scars, dark or hyperpigmented scars, or a combination. These scars can be incredibly frustrating and seemingly permanent reminders of the breakouts that a patient once suffered. Thankfully, an experienced dermatologist like Dr. Damstetter can help reduce or remove acne scars. Both at-home and in-office treatment options can help restore smooth and even skin after acne scarring. Options range from incorporating exfoliating and scar-smoothing products into your at-home routine to professional in-office procedures including microneedling, laser resurfacing, subcision, chemical peels, and filler injections.


Keloids are raised and enlarged scars that form after injuries have healed. They are the result of excess collagen in the skin that forms during the healing process, and can often be bumpy or rigid in texture. Keloids are most common among Black, Latinx, or Asian patients and often run in families. They can form due to an injury, tattoo or piercing, or surgery. While not harmful, keloids are often unwanted for cosmetic reasons. Dermatologists can help reduce the appearance of a keloid with treatment options such as steroids, topical creams, injections, surgical excision or freezing.

Post Traumatic Scars

Scarring typically occurs after a traumatic or significant injury to the skin, such as a burn, laceration, or serious friction or scraping. These injuries can cause scars that are hypertrophic (raised), atrophic (depressed), or pigmented. Traumatic scars can cause issues such as limiting mobility, pain, and discomfort, or simply an unwanted reminder of the injury. A dermatologist like Dr. Damstetter can offer a range of treatment options to reduce the unwanted scar. These range from topical treatments to surgical scar repair. It is important to begin the treatment process as early as possible to get the best cosmetic outcome for your scar.

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