Over time, many people will develop visible veins including varicose veins or spider veins in areas like the legs. This is especially common among women age 40+. Sclerotherapy is a popular and effective treatment option to reduce small, superficial unwanted visible veins. Dr. Damstetter offers this minimally invasive treatment option at Reserve Dermatology in Glenview, Illinois.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a varicose and spider vein treatment in which solutions known as sclerosing agents are injected into the unwanted visible veins. This diminishes the appearance of the reticular or spider veins. After injecting the sclerosing solution, the vessels are destroyed, which forces blood to route through surrounding healthier blood vessels. The treated vessel will then collapse and be safely reabsorbed into the surrounding tissues. For some patients, achieving ideal results will require multiple treatment sessions.


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Who is a Candidate for Sclerotherapy?

A majority of patients who have spider veins or small blue (reticular) veins are good candidates for sclerotherapy. Most sclerotherapy patients choose the treatment for cosmetic reasons.

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The Sclerotherapy Procedure

The sclerotherapy procedure is relatively simple and generally takes 15-30 minutes depending on the severity or number of the areas you are treating and the number of vessels needing injection.

In most cases, Dr. Damstetter will elevate the treatment area (typically the legs) before injections begin. Using a small needle, the sclerosing solution can then be injected. Some solutions may contain lidocaine to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. After completing the injections, Dr. Damstetter’s team members will apply pressure bandages to the area. You should wear compression stockings or Ace wraps home after the treatment and for 2-3 weeks after.

Recovery and Results after Sclerotherapy

Following your sclerotherapy procedure, you will be asked to get up and walk to prevent blood clots from forming. You will also wear compression garments, such as bandages or stockings.

For a majority of patients, no downtime is required and you can return to your normal routine immediately after your sclerotherapy procedure. However, in most cases, you should have someone drive you home from the procedure. It is also important to avoid strenuous activity, exercise, or sun exposure for about two weeks. As the treated veins collapse and are reabsorbed, you may experience side effects including bruising, stinging, swelling, or redness around the injection site.

Small reticular veins or spider veins will dissipate within about three to six weeks after sclerotherapy. Dr. Damstetter will schedule a follow-up appointment to check on your progress and determine whether additional sclerotherapy sessions are required to reach your best possible results.

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