The Importance of Regular Mole Checks: A Guide to Skin Health

The Importance of Regular Mole Checks

When it comes to skincare and protection, regular mole checks are an often overlooked yet crucial aspect. In dermatology clinics such as Reserve Dermatology and Aesthetics based in Glenview, IL, understanding moles, their changes, and their implications is a core part of the services offered. Guided by the proficient Dr. Liz Damstetter, the importance of these screenings can protect your health. Learn more about how mole checks can protect your skin health and see why making these appointments a regular habit could potentially save your life.

What are Moles and Why They Matter

Moles are small, usually dark, skin growths that often appear during childhood and adolescence. While most are harmless, some change over time or are abnormal from the start (dysplastic). These changes or abnormalities may be an initial sign of melanoma, or skin cancer. It is vital to monitor moles regularly and consult with a skilled dermatologist like Dr. Damstetter, which is essential in the early detection of skin issues.

Signs to Look Out for During a Mole Check

During your mole evaluation, some signs could potentially indicate a problem. These include changes in size, shape, color, or texture, and new moles that appear after age 20. If you notice such changes, you should promptly schedule an appointment with your local Glenview dermatologist.

Spotting Suspicious Moles at Home

While these checks are ideally conducted by a professional, self-checks are also advised. Dr. Damstetter recommends the ABCDE rule to evaluate the risk:

  • Asymmetry: One half looks different from the other half.
  • Border: The borders or edges are irregular.
  • Color: The color varies or has multiple shades.
  • Diameter: It is larger than 6mm in diameter, although melanomas can be smaller.
  • Evolution: It changes in size, shape, or color.

Remember, it’s always safer to consult an expert dermatologist if uncertain about a mole’s appearance.

What Reserve Dermatology and Aesthetics Offers

At Reserve Dermatology, Dr. Damstetter and her skilled team offer comprehensive mole evaluations. Equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and medical expertise, they discern between typical and atypical moles, ensuring patients receive the highest-quality care right here in Glenview, IL. Their goal is to ensure your skin remains healthy, and their attention to detail ensures nothing gets missed.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’ve noticed a change in one of your moles or simply wish to initiate regular checks as part of your skincare routine, Reserve Dermatology is here to help. Easily schedule a consultation using the online contact form or call to schedule an appointment.

Remember, skin health is a journey, not a milestone, and regular mole checks are crucial to early detection and treatment of potential skin issues. Start your journey with us at Reserve Dermatology and Aesthetics today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your skin is in expert hands.

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