AviClear, a New Breakthrough in the Treatment of Acne

Acne affects an estimated 80% of Americans at some time or another although it’s most commonly associated with teenagers. The skin condition develops when sebum and dead skin cells clog pores and trap bacteria, leading to inflammation and scarring. It can be triggered by several factors, including emotional distress, drug reactions, hormonal shifts, and other environmental factors.

If you are bothered by acne and have not seen results from over the counter treatments, you may be able to benefit from AviClear.

Acne Treatments

Reserve Dermatology & Aesthetics’ dermatologists have witnessed a variety of acne therapy advancements over the years. Accutane, benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, hormonal therapy, and topical antibiotics are all examples of acne treatments that have advanced in the last decade. But despite having access to various treatment choices, our patients consistently tell us they wish we offered natural therapies. With this in mind, we now offer AviClear laser treatment.

About AviClear

AviClear laser helps treat acne by addressing its root cause: an overactive sebaceous pore. The medication-free procedure uses the 1726-nanometer AviClear laser to target and suppress sebaceous glands.

Clinical studies conducted with AviClear have shown encouraging outcomes with 80% of participants reporting at least 50% improvement of moderate to severe acne after only three monthly procedures. Three to six months after treatment, 88% of study participants reported at least 50% acne clearance.

AviClear Has Mild Side-Effects

Aside from the occasional transient redness around the affected area, the skin will show no negative side effects after undergoing the AviClear laser unlike other prescription and over-the-counter acne treatments. Individuals with mild to extreme acne should see permanent benefits from laser therapy, with few negative after-effects.

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