Why Fall is the Best Time for IPL Treatments

Autumn is not only a favorite season because of its colorful foliage and long-awaited cooler temperatures; it is also a time of accelerated activity – new school year, upcoming holidays, fall sports, etc. There is a natural desire to enter into this hustle and bustle looking your best and IPL treatments can make that happen.

How Do IPL Treatments Work?

The IPL Photofacial is commonly used to treat sunspots and other signs of irregular pigmentation. Unlike a laser, IPL (intense pulsed light) devices transmit light of multiple wavelengths. This means one treatment can correct more than one issue and the surface layer of the skin will not be damaged. Also called a Photofacial, IPL treatment emits rapid and concentrated flashes of light from a hand-held device onto the treatment area. Absorption of this light energy generates heat and causes the pigmented cells to dissolve, leaving you with smoother, unblemished skin. This result can take from one to two weeks.

IPL treatment is also effective for acne, unwanted hair, and broken capillaries. The treatment is also useful for treating acne, scars, sun spots, freckles, sun damage, and uneven tone. Broken capillaries cause spider veins and rosacea (diffuse redness). Intense pulsed light is absorbed by red blood cells and the heat generated by the energy pulses causes these capillaries and the resulting redness to dissolve. The downtime is minimal, in fact, many same-day events are usually acceptable. The pain is minimal to mild.

What Are the Results?

Patients immediately begin to notice that their faces appear younger and the results gradually improve for weeks after treatment. This sort of light therapy can eliminate up to 75% of broken blood vessels. Furthermore, 70% of sunspots respond to IPL after only a few sessions. Acne and its subsequent scarring lessen after six or more procedures. In addition, the Mayo Clinic and other practices are discovering IPL as a potent treatment for dry eye which occurs when tear production is too low for the necessary lubrication.

Is IPL for Everyone?

Like all medical procedures, IPL therapy bears risks for certain categories of patients. For example, it may aggravate serious skin conditions like skin cancer. Others who should use caution are those with deep or severe scars, especially from surgery, those with very dark skin, and who regularly use tanning beds or frequently tan outside. It is important to not have an active tan at the time of treatment. If you are unsure whether you are a candidate, schedule a consultation with your dermatologist.

Seek IPL Treatment This Fall

Many skin conditions are inflicted by sunlight over the summer. As the days get shorter and solar intensity is weakened, fall is an ideal time to remedy the damage. Reserve Dermatology and Aesthetics is experienced and successful with IPL treatments. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Liz Damsetter today and achieve brighter, healthier skin.

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